September 12, 2018 Fair Lawn New Jersey – Film Media announced it will release HD digital encodes of newly restored German films Mosquito (1977) and The Inheritors (1983) to North American platforms November 13, 2018 following the restoration of the original 35mm film elements, with blu-ray rights going to home entertainment company Mondo Macabro. This release marks the first time the film will be available to U.S. audiences on any format other than VHS; despite its wide distribution in Western Europe and the UK. 


Frequently cited as a major influence on Jorg Buttgereit’s Necromantik, Mosquito tells the story of a deaf-mute accountant whose obsession with blood spirals out of control after a traumatic event.  Fangoria referred to Mosquito as “a gritty trip into insanity and bloodshed,” and called it, “a forgotten gem”.  


Critical praise for Mosquito,

“This gritty trip into insanity and bloodshed is well worth watching, particularly if you’re bored with the current crop of emotionally anemic horror releases” - Fangoria

 “a pleasant surprise… falls somewhere between a Herschell Gordon Lewis movie and something like Jacques Lacerte’s Love Me Deadly” and “earns the reputation of “underrated” and “forgotten gem.” This is a dark story that gets progressively darker as it goes (no spoilers), so if you’re in the mood for some taboo-breaking exploitation from the late -70’s, you’d best be considering Bloodlust.” –

#15 of 20 Great B Movies You Should See – Taste of Cinema

 “Boasting some graphically gory special effects (which are generally effective and probably would have earned this an X certificate at the time of its release), a very haunting organ music score and a compelling wordless central performance from its lead actor, this is an effectively grim and actually quite sad character study that deserves to be seen by a wider audience.” -


Winner of several awards, The Inheritors follows two high schoolers from disparate backgrounds who join a neo-Nazi movement hoping to find the acceptance and respect denied them at home. 

Critical Praise for The Inheritors:

A “terrifying, important” film – about “how in present-day Germany and Austria bored, alienated, out-of-work youths are joining neo-Nazi organizations to find excitement, a sense of power and importance, sexual fulfillment (with Nazi groupies), and camaraderie” – “caused riots when first shown in Germany” –

“a film of rage! Powerful and lurid” – Los Angeles Times

“extraordinary, strong and perceptive! A picture that deserves the attention of thoughtful viewers” – New York Post

“fascinating!” The Wall Street Journal

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