New Restorations and Historical Perspective Invigorate Classic Sexploitation Series


October 19, 2017 – Film Media announced today that its new 2k restoration of erotic auteur Joe Sarno’s 1968 film Vibrations will screen November 19, 2017 at the Close-Up Film Centre in London, a venue committed to supporting and developing the exhibition of independent and experimental cinema, focusing on the cross over between the arts and film culture. The screening will accompany the launch of Lewd Looks: American Sexploitation Cinema in the 1960s , a new book providing an in-depth look at sexploitation cinema by film scholar Elena Gorfinkel, Senior Lecturer in Film Studies at King’s College London, UK.  This is the second in a series of theatrical and cultural institution screenings of the “lost” film, following the premiere of the restored version at the Gene Siskel Film Center in Chicago in August of 2017.


The notable early film by erotic auteur Sarno is one of a robust assortment recently restored to 2k from the original film elements by Film Media, with cooperation from and approval by Peggy Steffans-Sarno and the Sarno Estate, and featuring contributions from the seminal Something Weird film archive. The films will be released to home entertainment in North America through critically acclaimed award-winning independent and foreign film distributor Film Movement as the Joseph W. Sarno Retrospect series, a deluxe collector’s edition Blu-ray and DVD series featuring new essays by film historian and author Tim Lucas. Series details can be found at our previous blog.

Critical Acclaim for the Joseph W. Sarno Retrospect Series


Vol. 1: Vampire Ecstasy / Sin You Sinners

Two supernatural films from Joe Sarno, one of the most enduring names in softcore American and European cinema, collide for the first time in a Blu-ray release that marks the first in an onging series of the filmmaker's major works in glorious high definition...Both Sarno films are given their best release to date courtesy of the 2016 Blu-ray, the first in a "Joe Sarno Retrospect" line from FilmMedia distributed through Film Movement. Vampire Ecstasy looks very impressive, The package also comes with liner notes by Video Watchdog's Tim Lucas, who lays the groundwork for Sarno's entry into filmmaking and covers the genesis of both films as well as their similarities, particularly the pivotal use of medallions. Bring on volume two!" - Mondo-Digital.com

"an engaging slice of sex and blood cinema...pretty decent upgrades over previous editions of both films. Vampire Ecstasy remains a compelling slice of sex and blood tinged gothic horror while Sin You Sinners is just kind of nuts. Here’s hoping more volumes in this series will be coming soon!" - Rock!Shock!Pop!

 “Years before "Euro-Sleaze" (European Erotic Cinema) became a thing, Joe Sarno was prolific in the underground independent filmmaking industry, with such titles as Sin You Sinners. In the years that followed, he continued to grow as an influential pioneer of the sexploitation subgenre and took his particular style to the world of horror with the gothic favorite Vampire Ecstasy. Film Movement brings the pair of cult favorites to Blu-ray thanks to new 2K remasters of each, and the results are excellent”- dvdtalk.com

But most importantly? Film Media has given a full on hi-def restoration to the film, making this one look pretty damn vibrant…especially for a Sarno film, set on location in an old German castle and suffused with shadows in every sense of the phrase.  Outdoor scenes look stunning, and even the muddiest of dungeon-set sequences are marked by a dramatically improved contrast and clarity. A truly primo upgrade, in every way” - thirdeyecinema.wordpress.com

Vampire Ecstasy/Sin You Sinners is the first in a proposed series of Sarno films that Film Media/Film Movement plans to release and if they can keep up the quality of presentation displayed here, then smut cinema scholars are in for a real deal, dirty and delicious treat” 


Vol. 2: All the Sins of Sodom / Vibrations

This is one blu-ray I strongly encourage everyone to buy.  This is the first must own film of October.” Wickedchannel.com

A pair of beautifully shot and unexpectedly compelling softcore soap operas, All The Sins Of Sodom and Vibrations receive a very nice Blu-ray release from Film Movement that rightly place these two films alongside some of Sarno’s better known efforts as a fine example of his directorial talent. The transfers are solid, the three commentary tracks do a great job of detailing the history of these two films and the movies themselves hold up really, really well.” – rock!shock!pop!.com

“the visuals in both films are striking including the opening shot in Sins (as shown on the front cover). This is the second edition in the “Joseph W. Sarno Retrospective Series” and seems like a fine release” – moviemansguide.com
visually seductive offering of forbidden sex-infused drama to inquisitive film audiences in the still-restrictive world of 1968 adult cinema…the work of a filmmaker who’s already a master” - http://hkfilmnews.blogspot.com
What is this? Sex-oriented movies with believable psychodramatics, made by a committed artist with taste and talent? Joe Sarno’s pictures still aren’t suitable for grandma, but he’s way, way above the exploitation grindhouse competition of his day. His ’60s B&W pictures are not only watchable, they’re involving. Restored to pre-print condition, they’re — how can I best put this? — artistically respectable.” – trailersfromhell.com

The Film Media Project is dedicated to preserving, restoring and raising awareness of obscure and outstanding examples of independent cinema shot on motion picture film. Conceived and initiated in 2016, the Film Media Project is the brainchild of company director Michael Raso who has dedicated his life to working with film.  Michael personally oversees the restoration and transfer to high definition of all films in the Film Media Project archive. For additional information on Film Media projects contact Paige Davis - Paige@PopCinema.com